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Company Profile of Pure Destinations Tours and Safaris

Nelosn Reiyia

Pure Destinations Tours and safaris is the ultimate Kenya safari company for those with a deep desire to discover Kenya and its pristine landscapes and amazing sounds of its savannah.

The company was established by indigenous Maasai people from Maasai Mara to support charity projects in Maasai land. Our company is fully supporting  I SEE MAASAI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE. This is a community based organization (CBO) operating at Sekenani village in Maasai Mara.This charity organization, founded by the Managing  director of Pure Destinations Tours and Safaris is involved in education of orphaned and poor Maasai children, provision of health services and clean drinking water, environment conservation as well as other activities aimed at improving the standard of living for the local Maasai community living in the dispersal areas of the Maasai Mara.


Pure Destinations Tours and Safaris is therefore a unique safari company fully involved in improving the welfare of the Maasai community which at the moment is facing numerous problems ranging from loss of land to game parks as well as loss of their cattle to persistent droughts.

Our company therefore exists to give back to communities value for allowing visitors to enjoy their heritage.


For more informations, see the Director's Profile.


1. Our safaris are reasonably priced
2. You will never be overcharged and there are no hidden costs
3. We provide high quality purpose-built safari vehicles which ensure road safety
4. We offer a comprehensive array of adventure holidays, walking safaris, cultural immersions, camping, accommodation in luxury tented camps and game lodges.
5. We want to share with you the knowledge of the ultimate safari experience
6. Our staff are friendly and have deep knowledge of the wildlife and the cultures of Kenya and East Africa as whole
7. Our expertise gives you the  most of your holiday and ensure that the sights and sounds of Kenya are yours to keep and enjoy
8. We shall put all your safari needs first at all times and we will spare no effort and pay attention to all details that guarantee you an enjoyable, exciting and memorable experience for your Africa safari
9. We assure you of the highest standards of professionalism, service and support
10. We support a charity organization that aims at improving the lives of orphaned and poor Maasai children so your money will help make a difference to a vulnerable child.


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